Anti-tank robotic complex Bogomol
The complex can perform reconnaissance, patrolling and active combat operations in urban area and on rough terrain, both in single mode and as part of a detachment.
The robotic anti-tank complex is equipped with a hybrid engine unit — a diesel engine and an electric generator. When driving or running on electric power, the complex is almost invisible in the thermal range.
Two television and two thermal imaging channels of the optical-electronic complex "Strizh", designed for target detection and recognition, allow Bogomol's operator to have a viewing angle of 360 degrees.
The special design of the tracks and the low weight of the complex provide it with low specific ground pressure and high cross-country maneuverability.
The remote control of the robotic anti-tank combat complex is carried out over a secure radio channel with the patented technology of electronic counter – countermeasures (ECCM).
The complex software allows it, even with the loss of communication channel or its stable jamming, to carry out the embedded program, collect data and reconnoiter targets.
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