C4I Alliance
The software package of general control of troops and subdivisions (automated control system) "Alliance", developed by the specialists of BSVT–New Technologies, is a set of interacting applications and services of geospatial and multimedia data that synthesize information obtained from various sources in real time mode, which ultimately improves the situational awareness of commanders and leads to the correct decision-making process.
Due to the modularity of the automated control system "Alliance", its functionality can be expanded from tactical to strategic level by integrating various tools for calculating logical and mathematical tasks, as well as tools for working with vector, raster, digital and 3D terrain maps, provided by third–party suppliers. In addition, it is possible to combine different types of equipment with the system such as quadcopters, ip–cameras, motion sensors, receivers of acoustic signals, means of observation and detection, as well as land, air and sea–based equipment and, as a result, obtain information.

You can use the applications and services of the automated control system "Alliance" on any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or smart watch. At the same time, it does not matter what operating platform is installed there — Android, Android Wear, iOs, Windows, Linux, the developers did not strictly connect "Alliance" to any specific hardware, software and data transmission channels.

All available communication channels can be used in any combination — HF and VHF radio, Wi-Fi, GSM, satellite and wired communication, Ethernet, etc. for the information exchange at different levels of the system. The commands are transmitted to the final subscriber through the hierarchical chain by text messages, voice communication or graphically. Moreover, there is an authorized access to a single geo–information space with the appropriate settings of subscriber parameters for each user or group of users. It is important that all actions in the system are automatically logged (recorded in the log) and subsequently can be viewed online. Because of all this — the quality and the control over the work of all departments are improved; many processes are optimized and automated.
By the way, to ensure the security of data circulating in the system, all information has cryptographic encryption. Moreover, its level is so high that hacking will require large hardware and software resources and a long time. The data access is organized according to privileges and access rights in order to avoid content leakage. Particular attention is paid to voice chat encryption. If it turns out that any of the devices of the system have been hacked or have fallen into enemy hands, then you can block the operation of this equipment and erase all data obtained from it from the command post.
It is important to note that the application of the automated control system "Alliance" is not only limited to military functions. Various paramilitary units, security services, Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Emergency, and medical organizations can successfully use the system.

Currently, the specialists of BSVT—New Technologies are developing a sensor system that allows you to capture human biometric indicators — pulse, pressure, body temperature. The sensors, being integrated part of the automated control system "Alliance", will control the vital functions of soldier and, if he is wounded, will set the appropriate medical logistics.
The automated control system "Alliance" has already been successfully tested in one of the countries of the Middle East, and is currently being tested in domestic power structures.
ALLIANS.GIS — is a service that allows you to autonomously connect base maps from mapping resources and load your own base maps. It includes geolocation service and map bindings by coordinates. Support for various coordinate systems and projections makes it possible to work in the adopted positioning systems.
ALLIANCE.VKS — is an application that includes many services and solutions designed for organizing video conferencing for any number of users. It supports various communication channels with the ability to automatically switch the channel to select the optimal mode.
ALLIANCE.CHAT — is an application that includes text messaging and voice messaging services.
ALLIANCE.TACTIC — is ready–to–deploy solution for tactical units of the lower level. It has the necessary set of services and applications for solving tactical tasks. It contains a classifier of conventional symbols of the operational situation, a set of vector and raster maps, a service for determining your own coordinates and calculating the coordinates of the marks to be applied in various coordinate systems.
ALLIANCE.OPER — is a ready–to–deploy solution for the operational level of command, which allows to combine data obtained from tactical units, grouping them according to the layers, attribute and purpose.
ALLIANCE.STRATEGIST — is a set of tools, services and applications that ensure the high–quality execution of strategic planning and management.
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