Line of thermal imaging modules IRIS
Thermal imaging modules of the IRIS line using modern technologies provide high quality of image in any conditions.
• Built-in image enhancement algorithms
• API for complete control and customization
• Shutterless operation over the entire temperature range
• Ideal for OEM
• A wide range of connection interfaces
• Temperature range -40°C…+60°C
• Frame rate up to 120 Hz
Thermal imaging modules of the IRIS line using modern technologies provide high quality of image in any conditions.
It uses micro bolometric matrices with a resolution of 640x480 or 384x288 and a pixel size of 17 μm in order to obtain the primary image.
A powerful processing system allows to get an image at a frequency of up to 120Hz, and a large number of pre-installed image processing algorithms allow to achieve the highest quality of image even in the most difficult conditions, as well as carry out ballistic calculations.
The modules use efficient algorithms for calibration and correction of image inhomogeneity, which ensure shuterless operation of the modules over the entire temperature range. The full IRIS line includes modules with different resolutions and connection interfaces for the simplest and fastest OEM integration into any product.
Each IRIS module is calibrated over a wide temperature range, that eliminates necessary development of their own complex calibration systems and equipment or processes, which in turn helps to make the production process faster, easier and cheaper.
A thermal imaging camera processor with a perfectly balanced size, weight, and power consumption requires only standard power and communication protocols to form the output video signal.
All modules of the IRIS range are very compact and lightweight. They are a complete solution with advanced image processing features.
Thermal imaging module with USB connection
♦ Ideal for OEM use in any product
♦ Shutterless operation over the entire temperature range
♦ Convenient connection interfaces
♦ Low power consumption
♦ Small size
IRIS BLACK/GREEN thermal imaging modules are ideal for OEM integration in any product due to its compact size and USB connection.

API supplied with modules allows users to flexibly adjust the image, as well as control the thermal imaging module.

A wide range of image enhancement algorithms will allow to get the best quality of work even in the most difficult weather conditions.

A large number of interfaces allows to control the thermal imaging module using buttons, encoders, a microcontroller or a computer.
Thermal imaging module with PoE Ethernet connection
♦ Small size
♦ Ethernet with PoE
♦ Ideal for OEM for development of IP cameras
♦ Low power consumption
♦ Best-in-class image quality
The IRIS BLUE/CYAN modules are ideally suited for use in IP thermal imaging cameras by connecting via Ethernet with PoE technology and transmitting the processed video using the RTP protocol.

The bundled API makes it easy to configure modules connected to the network.
Thermal imaging module with micro display video information
♦ The ability to completely reprogram the user interface
♦ Built-in ballistic computer
♦ Additional image output via USB
♦ Power supply from an external source
♦ Powered by Li-Ion batteries
The IRIS RED/YELLOW modules are functionally complete and are intended for use
in sights and observation devices.

The module is powered by a Li-Ion battery and has an integrated power controller that charges the battery when an external power source is connected.

The functions of the module are controlled by the encoder and buttons either via USB or UART interfaces.

The image and all the parameters of the module are displayed on the OLED display. It is possible to output video in real time via USB interface.
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