Software for tactical training of emergency response services
Effectiveness of ESM specialists training of the Republic of Belarus
Simulation of commission members on emergency situations activity in different types of accidents and disasters
Reduction of training term
– Creation of various types of accidents: Chemical hazard, Biological hazard, Radiation hazard
– Training on real-world terrain maps
– Flexible system for setting initial parameters that influence on propagation of accident results
– Management of each unit element

– Hierarchy of unit interaction
– Simultaneous operation of all involved units

– Mathematical analysis of interaction of systems and objects
– Speeding up time of emergency situation development simulation
– Unlimited number of connected users
– Real time monitoring of trainee actions
– Keeping of all training results in structured form
Variants of configuration
Basic configuration
It is a complete solution for small groups of trainees. Instructor workplace consists of the module of the editor and the module of the instructor, and serves to store the database for the software as well.
Variants of configuration
Extended configuration
It allows to combine several training classes, organizing collaboration through a dedicated server. The scenario editor module can be deployed separately and work with a common database stored on the server.
Variants of configuration
Premium configuration
The configuration allows to combine separated training facilities via the Internet with the storage of the application database on a secure cloud server.
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