The system of obstacles detection on the railway
Our possibilities
We use advanced obstacle detection and collision avoidance solutions based on high-speed neural networks.
A revolutionary approach consists in overlap of pre-processed images, taking into account the terrain, infrastructure and other elements of the environment.
The intuitive software interface makes the operator's work convenient and does not distract him from basic duties unnecessarily.
What do we offer
accurate detection, recognition and classification of objects at long ranges at high speeds
real-time operation, day / night mode, wide viewing angle and high stability in changing conditions
Management and control
measurement and analysis of infrastructural changes and forecast of the main defects of the railway
Unique advantages
Real-time information
• Round-the-clock system operation
• High speed information processing
• Ease of submitting data
Status monitoring
• Minimizing downtime
• Logging all the data in transit
• Flexible configuration of controlled parameters
Safety and reliability
• Reducing the risk of railway accidents
• High accuracy of detection and prediction
• Automatic and automated management at high risk
System operation
Using our high-quality sensors, we obtain data on the condition of the railway track at long ranges and classify them according to relevance.
The system detects the railway track to monitor its surroundings for obstacles and information boards, and signs.
Recognition of obstacles and timely informing with the display of the current situation at the operator's workplace increases confidence in decision-making.
Detection and recognition of objects at long ranges
With the help of high-speed high-resolution cameras operating in different spectra, the system classifies the environment and instantly informs about threats or malfunctions.
Minimizing railway downtime
Processing video data in real time mode allows you to quickly obtain information about the state of the roadway and its surroundings to solve different situations and especially logistic tasks.
Increasing operational efficiency
The modern workplace of the system's operator allows you to instantly respond to a difficult situation, as well as transmit the threat data to the control room.
System elements
A set of high-resolution television and thermal imaging optical sensors allows obtaining an image of the railway track and its surroundings at a long distance.

The ability to customize the parameters of each camera individually allows you to adjust the image based on weather conditions.
Operator's workplace
The operator's workplace provides video information and data on the current state of the environment in real time. The intuitive display of threats and notifying them as needed allows the operator to focus attention only when necessary.
Processing unit
Modern high-power information processing systems, which allow analyzing a huge flow of information in a matter of milliseconds, provide continuous monitoring of the environment and the condition of the railway bed.
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